All In One Box 2 English Hotel




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The new series of All in One references allow a simple and fun way to start in the world of modeling for the little ones in the house.

Also recommended for experienced modelers who want to express their talent on another type of project.

This reference allows you to reproduce a British facade of a hotel or any store.

It includes all the necessary elements to start immediately: the resin facade with great detail, primer, paints, effects, brushes and a step-by-step guide to make it.

A video tutorial can also be accessed through the QR code on the box.

The decoration shown is indicative and any other finish can be made according to the taste of each modeler.

The set includes the pieces to make the HOTEL sign and an acetate for the window.




3Gen Acrylics:

  • AK11253 Grey Primer
  • AK11001 White
  • AK11029 Black
  • AK11054 Medium Flesh Tone
  • AK11103 Medium Rust
  • AK11148 Medium Olive Green


Enamel Effects:

  • AK014 Winter Streaking Grime*

* It is recommended to use with White Spirit.



  • AK604 – Round Brush 2
  • AK610 – Flat Brush 4



  • Acetate sheet